Ruby Wax has Durham in mind

Ruby Wax... the comedian, author and mental health campaigner, follows on from the sell-out success of her one woman show, Sane New World, with a return to the stage with Frazzled.

Wax will perform 74 UK shows, including one in Durham at the Gala Theatre on February 20.

She says: “So far this year I’ve been working on the return of my show Frazzled, following the publication of my book, A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled. I’ll present a fantastically entertaining show that will remain conversational, as well as being funny and insightful. This is your passport to saner living. I might not be sane myself but I do a pretty good imitation.”

She started her acting career in Britain as a straight actress in the 1970s before starring as loud-mouthed American actress Shelley DuPont in the sitcom Girls On Top. Two years later and she had her own comedy chat show – the first of several screen host roles.

Wax has been honoured with the title of poster girl for mental illness and and in 2013, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy from Oxford University.

"I try to do what the author Bill Bryson does, which is where you take a really interesting topic and comment on it. I’m not just sitting there talking about mindfulness – I’m doing what comedians do: comment on, for example, the state of the nation or how your mind works, but you do it in a comedic way. Then eventually people in the show want to know what they can do, so I take them through it.

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